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Most founders, CEOs, and product managers think building and releasing their products on time is impossible.In this newsletter, I’ll show you how to do it without working too many extra hours.You’ll get actionable insights about product development, quarterly product planning, product roadmaps, release planning, go-to-market strategy, growing your network, getting noticed, and building exciting startups.

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Over the last five years, I’ve been deeply involved in the Agile transformation, product development, and launch of numerous consumer products.My leadership role in the quarterly product planning, release strategies, and the development and adoption of $10 million worth of consumer products showcases my deep expertise in handling large-scale product development.I implemented systems, frameworks, and processes to build and consistently release our products.My mission is to share all my knowledge so you can gain the expertise to plan, build, release, and grow your products efficiently without excessive overtime.You need this expertise to build, release and grow your products to get noticed by millions of users and build your exciting startups.

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